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SPEAKERS + Panelists
Cybersecurity Performance Accelerator
Bryce started his technology career on a Commodore 64 computer and a cassette tape drive. Today he is a leading voice on emerging technology and cybersecurity issues. Bryce holds a CISM certification and is known as a cybersecurity authority and internationally recognized professional speaker. With over 10 years of experience as a Chief Information Officer and Chief Information Security Officer, Bryce actively advises the boards of companies in a diverse array of industries. He was the CIO and CISO of Wells Fargo Business Payroll Services, and a Senior Group Manager at Target Corporation. He has first-hand experience of what happens to a business and its employees during a cybersecurity crisis, as it did to Target because of their 2013/2014 PCI data breach.
Heavy Duty OEM and Industry Liaison, North America, Chevron Oronite
Since joining Chevron 12 years ago Matt has been actively involved in both the technical and commercial side of developing engine oil lubricants.  nitially, as an engineer working with Chevron Oronite’s Automotive Technology Group, Matt identified new chemistry profiles that optimized formulations for GF-5 engine oils. In addition, he spent multiple years as part of Chevron’s Base Oil business unit advancing Chevron’s long-term Group III base oil strategy ultimately leading to Chevron’s investment in Novii, LLC. Matt has consulted with customers from the smallest independents to the largest Majors on ways to optimize across their full product line to maximize supply chain economics while meeting the needs of tightening specifications.  Currently Matt serves as the primary interface between Oronite and Heavy-Duty OEM’s in North America as well as currently serving as ACC PAPTG Chairman. Matt earned a chemical engineering degree from the University of Wyoming, Laramie in 2001.
Founder & CEO, Careerminds
Raymond Lee is the Founder and CEO of Careerminds, a technology enabled outplacement and retirement coaching company launched in 2008. He has over 18 years of human resource, outplacement, and career consulting experience, and he’s also a certified retirement coach. Raymond pioneered the concept of virtual outplacement after years of delivering traditional outplacement in a variety of HR roles, and saw a huge opportunity to align career transition programs with the way people were actually looking for jobs. When Raymond started the company, he had one goal in mind: to create forward thinking transition programs that reduced employee stress. This included developing robust software to personalize the transition experience for all levels of the organization and hiring expert consultants to support participants every step of the way. Raymond holds his bachelors in psychology and a masters degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Louisiana Tech University. He sits on the Careerminds Board of Directors, is the President of the Philadelphia Society of People and Strategy and is an active speaker and contributor to HRPS & SHRM. Raymond’s been featured on SiriusXM 111 Business Radio, Wall Street Journal and Fox Business News.
Disruptive and UN-traditional Sales, Marketing, Branding & Relationship Expert; President of Un-Marketing
As the ultimate sales and marketing truth slayer, Scott helps organizations see their business through a new lens with his unconventional “unmarketing” views and vanguard approach to building and maintaining real customer relationships.

As the president of Un-Marketing, he has transformed how corporations like PepsiCo, Century 21, Fidelity and Microsoft do business with radical insights on how to engage better with customers through social and viral marketing. Named a top 5 social media power influencer by Forbes.com, Scott elevates the conversation by putting the focus back on what matters most to current and potential buyers, values like trust, authenticity, relationships and service.  In 2018, Scott was inducted into the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame.

Drawing from his experience as a marketing industry innovator and the author of four best-selling business books, he convinces audiences to look at the big picture, which is about creating loyal, repeat customers who become brand evangelists because they genuinely love the goods or services you provide. With humor, passion and candor, Scott blends real world strategies with memorable stories that will completely change the way you market and sell, for the better.


2019 Spring Meeting  |  Hotel Del Coronado  |  Coronado, CA

April 11-13, 2019

Pure Perforance Base Oils